Mikkeller San Diego offers up To 18 draft beers for all of your beer drinking needs. Come by and enjoy a wide array of creative brews and head out with a crowler and some cans.  Scroll down and see what’s pouring today!

*= Not available for fills 

Tap List

Viking exclusive

Berserker #5, 12.5%

windy hill

New England Style IPA, 7% 

California dream

czech pils with ale yeast, 6.3% 

Passion Pool

Gose Style Ale with passionfruit and sea salt, 5%

Beer geek brunch

imperial stout with coffee, 10.9%

Beer Geek Vanilla Shake 

Imperial Stout brewed with Coffee and Vanilla, 11%

BA Puddin’ Pop 

Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout Brewed w/ Chocolate, Vanilla, LACTOSE, & Sea Salt, 10%

raspberry blush 

Berliner Weisse with raspberry & coffee, 4%

Murk & Honey

New England Style India Pale Ale Brewed w/ Honey & Milk Sugar (LACTOSE), 6.8%

the oatotiller

IPA made with Clipper Oats from Admiral Maltings, 3.6%

Treaty of Friendship 

Collab with setting sun sake co. Gose-style Ale with Peaches, 6.1%

staff magician

New England Style Pale Ale, 5.5%

fruit face

 Berliner-style Weisse Beer Brewed w/ Cranberry, Pear, and Ginger, 5.8%

awful gato

Imperial brown ale with coffee & vanilla, 10%

pils don’t pat the bills

Dry-Hopped Pilsner Brewed w/ Oats, 4.4%

battle pretzel

Festbier style Lager with pretzels, Mediterranean sea salt, and brown mustard seeds, 5.4%

Behind the mirror 

New England Style Double India Pale Ale with Styrian Cardinal, 7.8%

twice is nice

Barrel-aged Sour Ale Aged on second-use Apricots, 7.3%

*Tap list subject to change based on Tasting room availability


Tasting room is first come, first served.

To reserve space in our tasting room, please e-mail info@mikkellersd.com 

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