Our tasting rooms in miramar and little italy are open for onsite consumption. We are also offering online order pickups and beer delivery service. Click below for all the details.





MIRAMAR Rooms Hours of Operation


 food & Beverage everyday

Monday – thursday: 1-8pm

Friday & Saturday 12-8pm 

sunday 12-6pm




Little italy Tasting Rooms Hours of Operation


Monday – Thursday: 3-8pm 

Friday & Saturday: 2-9pm

Sunday 12-7pm

Online Beer Orders

Remember that our awesome Webshop is still open and ships beers directly to your doorstep!

Beer orders available for shipping to CA, NV, NH, NE, VT, ND, VA, and Washington, D.C.

What if I do not live in those states?
We are working on adding more states that we can send beer to, but for now you can get t-shirts, pint glasses, stickers, etc. shipped to you.

Pickup Orders

Come into the tasting room to shop our wide selection of beers or place a pickup order online. We are offering Online Order pickup at both locations. 

Miramar Tasting Room:
Available Everyday!

Orders placed Mon-Fri available within 24 hours. Orders placed after 12pm on Friday will be available by the following Monday.
Please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed.

Little Italy Tasting Room:
Pickup Friday. 
For Friday Pickup place order online by 2pm Thursday. Welcome to pickup your order during any open hours.

I thought this option was only for Viking Members?
Usually it is, but we have decided to open this option up to everyone during these times.

How will I know when my order is ready?
You will receive an email when built and ready for you. If you haven’t heard from us please call the number below.

How long do I have to pickup my order?
Please pickup next day or as soon as possible. All orders must be picked up within 30 days or beer will be forfeited back to the brewery without refund.

For questions email mbsdwebshop@mikkellersd.com
Call (858) 381-3500 Ext. 1 for Miramar Tasting Room
Call (858) 381-3500 Ext. 2 for our Little Italy Tasting Room
Call (858) 381-3500 Ext. 4 for our Delivery Services