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The Viking Club is Mikkeller Brewing San Diego’s Premier Beer club. While it’s all about the epic beer and the Viking camaraderie, there’s a bunch of other special perks to being in the club. There are three tiers to the Viking club: Viking, Berserker and jarl, with each tier offering a unique experience. Viking level of the club offers an intensive look at the world of Mikkeller beer. Berserker level is for those who can never have enough beer in their cellar and are looking for the next big thing. Jarl level is invitation only and for current Vikings who are searching for those whales and craving ultra exclusivity. Regardless of the tier, you are in for a year filled with a myriad of Viking exclusive events and beer. Choose wisely, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the fun, or beer.

This a LIMITED VOLUME annual membership

Viking $275
Berserker $375
Jarl $500

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Viking (Tier 1)

Viking level of the club offers an intensive look at the world of Mikkeller beer.

Oak-fermented Farmhouse Ale w/ Raspberry & 2nd-use Peaches
A great thing about utilizing fruit in our wild beer cellar is the chance to age consecutive blends on the same fruit to coax delicate flavors and characters. We chose to recycle the wonderful Masumoto peaches from ‘Sur Ferskener’ through a choice selection of young, barrel-fermented farmhouse ale. After a few weeks we added raspberry to include a bursting brightness and layered fruity compliment. Subtle oaky structure with mild acidity and a dry palate.

Barrel-aged Blonde Barleywine
A real dive into experimentation in our cellar! We designed a pale barleywine with moderate NW varietal late hopping and an ever so subtle smoke addition. We then filled a handful of second-use bourbon barrels that had previous held our Sultan’s Curse Imperial Stout. By layering obscurity with adventure, we find a fun connection of spices, earthiness, and deep malty warmth.

Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong
Some of our favorite beers to age in spirited American Oak casks are Belgian-inspired ales. A beautiful dance of classic Belgian fruitiness and toasted coconut layers shine alongside the warming bourbon-soaked backbone. Caramel candies and chocolate boast, with supporting layers of orange and banana.

Barrel Aged Flops on Deck
Stay tuned. . . there are some sweet things developing

Fruited sour variant
Stay tuned. . .we only harvest the freshest fruit for our fruited sours.

9 500 mL bottles total of Viking exclusive beer plus:

  • 15% Discount on beer and merchandise in the tasting room and web shop
  • 15% Discount on beer and merchandise at the Little Italy and DTLA locations
  • First access to Mikkeller SD beer releases
  • First access to Mikkeller SD events
  • $30 Merchandise credit
  • 3 Crowler fills (subject to restrictions)
  • Perks at the Miramar tasting room
    • Private Viking Club room
    • Viking Club line
  • Access to:
    • Exclusive Viking Club merchandise
    • Crowler fill specials
    • Purchase more Viking Club exclusive beer (when available)
    • Tickets to Viking Club exclusive events

Berserker (Tier 2)

Berserker level is for those who can never have enough beer in their cellar and are looking for the next big thing.

Berserker membership includes all 12 bottles and benefits from tier 1

Double Barrel-aged Imperial Stout
Never previously released, we have been quietly awaiting the unveiling of this massive, downright absurd Imperial Stout from its rest. Almost eighteen months ago, we put an unadulterated base stout in Whiskey barrels to age, before transferring to Brandy barrels to settle for the remaining eight months. Huge. With minimal carbonation, enjoy around 60*F for best experience. Our favorite barrel-aging project thus far.

Trippel Aged in Frederiksdal Cherry Wine Puncheons
If there is one thing we love, it is cherry. Exploring different varietals, applications, and in this case, the liquid. Harkening back to our Danish roots, we tracked down some gorgeous 500L Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin casks to bring into the cellar. We decided to rest our Bourbon Barrel-aged Belgian Trippel in them for an additional 9 months to create a truly elegant display of rich cherry depth and complex spice layers. A mild carbonation allows a full delve into the palate experience.

4 750 mL bottles total plus:

  • Exclusive beer locker near the private Viking Club room
  • Unique Berserker glass
  • Access to
    • Sensory Training Course
    • Food Pairing Course
    • Blending Events

Jarl (Tier 3)

Jarl level is invitation only and for current Vikings who are searching for those whales and craving ultra exclusivity.

Jarl membership Includes all 12 bottles and benefits from tier 1 and all 4 bottles and benefits from tier 2

Trippelbock with Raspberry Aged in Cognac Barrels
A marriage of fruit, wood, and complex malt composition. We allowed our Trippelbock with Raspberry to meet some of the most luxury-defining Cognac barrels we could find. A befuddling display of toasted, rich malt layers and woven berry sweetness dance with a warm, fruit spirit backbone.

Rum Barrel Aged Trae Blod
Our quest to perfect the indulgent Sunday morning brunch craving, Traeblod embodies all that is pure maple, coffee, roasty amazingness. A long sleep in freshly emptied Rum barrels brings out unparalleled amounts of maple sap and cinnamon complexities, while further integrating the deep coffee toast. A real treat. Best enjoyed by drinking.

4 750 mL bottles total plus:

  • Jarl wax and seal
  • Exclusive Jarl glassware
  • First priority to purchase more Viking Club exclusive beer (when available)
  • Trip to Mikkeller DTLA from Mikkeller SD tasting room
  • Bottle Waxing event

The Rules

Club Membership and benefits are not transferable and limited to first come first served. The membership year is valid from date of sign up to April 1, 2019.

Unless specifically stated, benefits apply to the member only and may not be applied to any other individual. MikkellerSD reserves the right to revoke a club membership, without refund, due to refusal to observe Brewery policies.

*Bottles are allotted prior to releases. Memberships not purchased prior to release days may not recieve allotted bottles for that days release nor previous releases.

In order to provide members with beer that is exclusive or limited and help plan our production, we must cap the number of members in The Viking Club. We may change the number of members from time to time, but once our cap is met, we will not be taking any new members.

Each person is allowed to have a maximum of one membership. If a member is found to have multiple memberships, we reserve the right to cancel and refund the unused portion of all of that person’s memberships.

All beer purchased and obtained through your Viking membership is for the purpose of personal consumption only. Reselling bottles without a wholesale account is illegal. Licensed retailers are prohibited from purchasing beer as an Viking Member unless it is solely for personal consumption and not for resale or distribution. If a club member is found illegally reselling our beer, their membership will be canceled.

*All Membership sales are final. Each membership is non-refundable & non-transferable

You must be 21 years old or older to be in the Viking Club. All pickup purchases take place in San Diego, California. A CA sales tax will be applied to all orders at a rate of 7.75% as of 4/17/17. All shipping orders will be taxed at the shipping address rate. Recipients of beer shipped within California must be at least 21 years old and must be available to sign for their beer deliveries and verify their age. We are not able to ship outside of California. If you are outside of California, please designate a trustee within California who is over 21 years of age to pickup or receive shipment of your beers.

Order Shipping and Pick-up

Vikings will have three options for fulfilling their membership bottle orders placed online. Vikings can either pick-up beer at the brewery, ship beer to their house/business in California, or a designate a trustee to pick-up their beer from the Tasting Room for them.

Shipping within California

Vikings have the opportunity to ship their beer to any residential or business address in California at an additional cost. We will fulfill orders once per week. A signature and government issued ID proving that the person accepting the packing is 21+ years of age will be required upon delivery. We cannot ship beer to P.O. boxes.


Vikings may designate a Trustee to pick-up their beer in the Tasting Room. This is a great option if you live outside of California and are not able to visit the Tasting Room or ship your beers in California. Vikings may also ship their beer to their trustee (or anyone else 21 years of age or older) if he or she lives in California.  The 15% discount and other club benefits do not apply to Trustees. Mikkeller SD is not responsible for any allocation once it has been signed for and picked up by a member or their Trustee. Please allow yourself adequate time to check the accuracy of all orders before taking possession of the beer. We are not responsible for replacing orders after they have been signed for. It is your responsibility as a member to communicate with your Trustee about what orders need to be picked up. There will be NO non-viking pick up for early limited can releases.


If you have any other questions about Viking Membership, feel free to email us: mikkellerviking@mikkellersd.com.

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